My Life in Winter Holiday 我的寒假生活

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I have a great time during the winter holiday, because I enjoy myself as well as focus on my study. As it’s known to all, the Spring Festival is the most important in winter holiday that would occupy much time to celebrate it. Therefore, I finished my homework first, so that it won’t bother my enjoyment during the festival. I finished my home work in one week. And I went shopping with my parents. We bought a lot of things, especially snacks and fruits. Then, it was the Spring Festival. We had a big dinner on the New Year’s Eve. My parents prepared the big dinner and I could only act as assistant. The dinner was so delicious that I ate so full. In the next several days, my parents and I visited our relatives and friends or they visited us. Sometimes, we went out for fun together. We children were always the most excited. Now, holiday is coming to the end and I will go to school soon. I am so happy that I have a wonderful winter holiday.




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