My Winter Holiday 我的寒假生活

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During the winter holiday, I was very happy because of the Chinese new year and other reasons. During the holiday, my parents and I went back to my hometown in the countryside in Hebei Province. I had not come back for several years, so that I was so surprised to find that great changes had taken place in this small village in the past years. Almost every family in the village had color TV set and some of them had computers. Many families had their houses newly built or rebuilt. Previously,could be seen everywhere, but now they have taken on an entirely newlook. Motorcycles or even private cars are not luxuries any more.

One of the villagers proudly told me that he and some other villagers were going to join a tour and travel abroad.  Previously, the villagers were busy in their farm work all the year round, but now they have much more time and money to relax or entertain. Traveling has become a new trend among villagers. Seeing these amazing changes, my father said that he would go back to my hometown as soon as he retired. As for me, I strongly supported his idea.





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