My Life in Winter Holiday 寒假生活

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 I was so busy in the previous winter holiday for I am going to take the university entrance exam in July this year. Everyday, I buried myself in studying. I had to review each required subject and do lots of exercises. Besides, because I did bad in mathematics and physics, I had to do much more exercises than other courses, which made me discouraged. I spent more than ten hours a day in studying. When I was tired, I watched TV or listened to music for a little while. But It was a big pity that I couldn't go to the see cinema. In addition, I had to refuse all the invitations of friends and relatives. I only called them or sent messages in the New Year’s Eve. I desperately hoped that there is no exam but I know it’s impossible. The only thing I can do is to study hard to get good scores and can be admitted to Tsinghua University.




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