My Trip to Guangzhou 广州之旅

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Last week, I have three days off, so I planned to travel to Guangzhou. During the three days, I witnessed so many things, I open my vision and gain the knowledge. The trip to Guangzhou makes me realize that I could go to anywhere by my own.

Before I went to Guangzhou, I made many plans, I searched the Internet, just to make sure that I wouldn’t get lost, because I never went to travel by myself. Going to the strange place, at first, I was very afraid, I tried hard to remember the road, sometimes I dared not to go far away. But I found the way, I realized that every main site would have the subway site, so if I took the metro, I could go back the place nearby.

As I got familiar with the road, I went to many sites by the metro, it was so fast and convenient, I could see many sites in a day. Guangzhou is so big, I saw many foreigners, it was full of vitality. The college town is so big and clean, I love it.

The trip to Guangzhou is very precious experience for me, I become independent and broaden my vision.







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