Four choices about chinese college graduates 关于中国大学毕业生的四个选择

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Four choices about chinese college graduates

There are usualy four chioces for the college graduates in china:prepare for the Postgraduate Exam,go abroad for further study,look for a job,or start an own business. what course to follow is of no doubt a problem that must be taken seriously.

Frther study home or abroad means one will be armed with more knowledge and expertise,meanwhile,get a higher degree .However,we will get social experience later then those go to work directly after graduation.Hunting job right after graduation helps gaining work experience and expanding social circle,but it's less likly to be promoted in work with a relatively low degree and poor expertise.Starting a business sounds a good idea as it can improve one's abilities in all aspects and stimulate one's potential,but the problem is that one may bear the high risk of bankruptcy.

As a college graduates-to-be ,Facing the chioces ,in my point of view,we should think twice before making the decision,and do the choice in combination with our own circumstances,make sure that the choices we make finally are benefit us as long as possible.







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