The age of cellphones 手机的年代

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The age of cellphones

Cell phone,a great invention in the world, is changing people's lifestyle.

With the rapid development of technology and economy,cellphone is becoming more and more popular and necessary in our daily life.It's obviously to see that the cellphone benefits us humanbeing greatly.In the past, people waiting for a phone must be stay at home with the fixed line. Now,we can call receive calls anywhere anytime with a phone.Similarly,people who have no fixed line at home in the past but want to make a phone call or contact with their friends had to find a telephone box or write letters.But now we need only a cellphone or a social network account. what's more ,instead of shopping outside,people can do shopping on line anywhere.However,what we can not ignore is that the problems brought by the cellphone.For example,many young people are so addicted to online communication via a cellphone that they have essentially lost the ability to chat to others face to face.Besids,overreliance on cellphones may damage healthiness or even lose enthusiasm for real life.

As far as I am concerned,cellphone certainly do help us a lot in our daily study and life,yet we should not spend too much time on it,only cellphones are used properly,can we make the best use of it.




随着科技和经济的快速发展,手机在我们的日常生活中变得越来越普遍和必不可少。显而易见,手机带给了我们巨大的益处。在过去,人们要等一个电话时,必须呆在家里等候固定电话。现在 ,我们可以用手机随时随地地接听电话。同样,那些过去家里没有固定电话的人想要打电话或者联系朋友,他们必须找公共电话亭或者写信。但是现在,我们只想要一部手机或者一个网络账号。此外,人们可以在任何地方通过网上购物,而不是像过去一样必须外出。然而,我们不能忽视手机带来的问题。比如,很多年轻人过于沉溺于网上交流,导致他们基本失去了和别人面对面沟通的能力。另外,过度的依赖手机会影响身体健康或者甚至会失去对现实生活的热情。



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