The Ofo bicycle 小黄车

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The Ofo bicycle

The Ofo bicycle is a shared bicycle,which is very popular in china.

The Ofo bikes have brought us great convenience.You just need a smart phone with a Ofo App wherewith you can register a count,then you can use the bike.Scan the QR code of the bike with App to unlock the smart lock.then the countdown starts and your smart phone record the route you ride at the same time,after you finish riding,you press the "End ride" key and lock the bike,then the App will show you your distance you have travel and the cost accordingly.The Ofo bike is the combination of technology,creativity and market force,it's very environment friendly,it's not only curb the carbon dioxide emissions,reduce road congestion,but also change the image of the city. Les't start riding!




小黄车带给了我们很大的便利。你只要有一部下载了Ofo App的智能手机,用这个App注册一个账号,你就可以使用小黄车了。扫描小黄车的二维码打开智能车锁,然后就开始计时,你的手机同时也记录你骑过的路线。你结束骑行后,按下“结束骑行”键,并且锁上车锁,然后App就会显示你骑行的路程和相应的费用。小黄车结合了科技、创新以及市场力量,非常的环保,不仅可以限制二氧化碳排放量,缓减道路堵塞,还可以改变城市形象。让我们开始骑行吧!


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