A new experience 一次新的体验

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A new experience

Yesterday I did commonweal in library to earn my public service scores(which is similar to the compulsory credits).I arrived library at 8’clock in the morning,a librarian let me to wipe the mirror in every toilet from one to six floor.Then I started to wipe the mirrors.It was been two hours after I finished all work.I was very tired,but looking at the shiny and clean mirrors I had wiped, I felt very happy.To be honest,I had never done the things like it at home,so it was a new experience to me,and it make me realize the hard work of my parent.



昨天,我在图书馆做公益去获取公益实数(类似于学分)。我早上8点到达图书馆,一个图书馆管理员让我去擦一楼到六楼的厕所里的镜子。然后 就开始擦镜子了。等我完成了所有的工作,已经过去两个小时了。我非常地累,但是看着被我擦得干净闪亮的镜子,我感到很开心。说实话,我在家里从来没有做过像这样的事情,所以,这对我来说是一次新的体验,这也让我体会到了父母的艰辛。


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