Skipping classes in university 大学的逃课现象

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Skipping classes in university

Skipping classes is quite common in universities as students have more freedom than ever before. But why do they want to skip classes? Different students have different reasons concerning it.

There are various reasons. First, some students skip their classes just because they don’t like the classes. They think that some classes are quite boring and time-wasting, and they can learn nothing from the classes. Therefore, they skip this kind of classes to study by themselves. This is one of the reasons for high absence rate in some public courses. Second, many students skip their classes because they lack of self-discipline and are indulged in other things, such as playing online games. They cannot control themselves well and finally lost their aim and motivation to learn. In addition, oversleeping and being ill are also the reasons for class absence. They consider that their absence will not be noticed if they teachers don’t call over.

As far as I am concerned,we should not skip classes because students always can learn something from each class, no matter how boring the class is. In addition, skipping classes is a kind of waste of money. What’s more, attending classes is also a kind of respect for our teachers. Therefore, we should attend each class as much as possible.







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